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your friendly, neighborhood marketing person @TPHG

When your financial forecast is uncertain, for good or for bad, you’re out in the elements without an umbrella. If your home security is at the whim of a landlord, it can get stressful. What’s more, when you have no ownership stake in your one home, you have no voice in your neighborhood.

If you are the kind of person who does not like to leave stuff like that up to chance, consider starting a real estate portfolio.

Nothing says peace of mind like owning the property you + yours live in.

What’s more, you can double down on that harmonious feeling by going the extra step: secure the mortgage on your primary residence…

Hi. We’re not new to the real estate game, but we may be new to you. It’s a family atmosphere here and we want to introduce ourselves. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to know you and yours, too. Thompson Premier Homes Group is a DC/M real estate investment firm and we’ve got something to prove.

Dawn, Crystin, Alexes, and Eboneese

a note from the writer: I’m Rebecca, the real person behind the brand voice for TPHG. I’m a brand developer, copywriter, and marketing person. …

Ask a real estate investment coach how to buy a house, and she’ll tell you how wealth is built. After all, she knows that unless you have an ownership stake, home and financial security can never be assumed.

TPHG thinks that looking at life through the lens of real estate lays out a SMART outline for #adulting.

The theory is straightforward. As you move through life, you have two financial assurances: money coming in (income) and money going out (expenses.)

make the money moves that set you and your family up for success.

If you understand how assets and taxes work for and against those things, you can use money to your advantage.

The bedrock of and company culture, Core Values give us something to believe in. The more we say them, the more we internalize them… and the more we internalize them, the more we evangelize them… and the more we evangelize them, the more we spread our message of financial empowerment through real estate investment. BOOM!

Mamma says: Knowledge is Power

Equity is Everything. Just as family is the center of community, equity is the building block of true, sustainable wealth. Based on a simple formula, equity is what’s leftover after you subtract your initial investment from what it’s worth today. This intangible asset can be…

your friendly, neighborhood marketing person @TPHG

Hi. We’re Thompson Premier Homes Group, or TPHG for short, a real estate investment firm in Washington DC. Bring us in on your homeownership dreams; we got you.

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