Secure a say in your own quality of life.

When your financial forecast is uncertain, for good or for bad, you’re out in the elements without an umbrella. If your home security is at the whim of a landlord, it can get stressful. What’s more, when you have no ownership stake in your one home, you have no voice in your neighborhood.

If you are the kind of person who does not like to leave stuff like that up to chance, consider starting a real estate portfolio.

Nothing says peace of mind like owning the property you + yours live in.

What’s more, you can double down on that harmonious feeling by going the extra step: secure the mortgage on your primary residence by investing in rental properties that bring in consistent income with very little lift on your part.

Making strategic and smart decisions about locking down where you live and how you pay for it can ease the burden of anxiety and ambiguity. Live life on your own terms by framing your financial future through the lens of real estate.



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Hi. We’re Thompson Premier Homes Group, or TPHG for short, a real estate investment firm in Washington DC. Bring us in on your homeownership dreams; we got you.