Core Values, the words we live by.

The bedrock of and company culture, Core Values give us something to believe in. The more we say them, the more we internalize them… and the more we internalize them, the more we evangelize them… and the more we evangelize them, the more we spread our message of financial empowerment through real estate investment. BOOM!

Mamma says: Knowledge is Power

Equity is Everything. Just as family is the center of community, equity is the building block of true, sustainable wealth. Based on a simple formula, equity is what’s leftover after you subtract your initial investment from what it’s worth today. This intangible asset can be leveraged, borrowed against, sold, or grown with interest. Equity is your “ace in the hole” in building a bountiful and sustainable future for you and your family. #equityiseverything

Understand Wealth. The well-guarded secrets of the Old Boys club aren’t really secrets…but they aren’t common knowledge, either. We’re on a mission to bring what Wall Street has been saying (well, whispering) for centuries: the key to creating sustainable, intergenerational wealth is in Real Estate Investment. We make it our mission to master money. The revolution will not be televised. #understandwealth

Come Correct. “Pobody’s Nerfect,” a wise woman once said. True…. but we can be flawless <SNAP!>. That means checking every box and then some. It also means that we know our stuff — and our clients/partners/associates know that we know our stuff. We never miss an appointment, a document, or an opportunity. It is this commitment to consistency and precision that make TPHG a great partner — we’re easy to work with and totally reliable. In fact, it’s a point of pride. #comecorrect

Validate & Appreciate. Everybody out here has a story to tell. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time buyer, a low-money sale, have bad credit, or are facing foreclosure, TPHG understands what it is like to be in a state of transition. Or maybe you’re cutting your teeth as a realtor or an investor or a developer, compassionate cheerleading is what’s called for as we all work together towards our goals. #validateandappreciate

Dream Bigger. Our situations do not define us. TPHG encourages you to be done with thinking small and playing on the sidelines. Beyond ingenuity and elbow grease, we’ve got the right people in place to go from dreamer to developer… all in less time than you think it will. Discouragement need not apply, together, there is nothing we can’t do. #dreambigger

Alexes, Dawn, Eboneese, and Crystin

Be Black Excellence. Hold your head high, Sisters, you are making a name for yourself and staking a reputation in the Real Estate Business Arena. Cultivate a professional and personal brand that smashes stigma and rules the roost with ironclad integrity. #beBlackexcellence

Knowledge is Power. Being uniformed is a tremendous disadvantage… and it’s perfectly avoidable. TPHG wants everybody at the table to make decisions based on situational awareness and strategic foresight (and never look back). It’s our job to exchange knowledge and expertise with each and every stakeholder and make manifest as many win-win scenarios as humanly possible. #knowledgeispower

Look for our core values. We strive to embed them in everything we say and everything we do. Do any of these resonate with your own personal values? Shout them out in the comments. We’d love to see how you TPHG.

We’re building a different kind of real estate company. These stories are our brand journey. Thanks for being a part of that, dear reader.



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