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Hi. We’re not new to the real estate game, but we may be new to you. It’s a family atmosphere here and we want to introduce ourselves. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to know you and yours, too. Thompson Premier Homes Group is a DC/M real estate investment firm and we’ve got something to prove.

Dawn, Crystin, Alexes, and Eboneese

a note from the writer: I’m Rebecca, the real person behind the brand voice for TPHG. I’m a brand developer, copywriter, and marketing person. We’re using this platform to tell the stories that need to be told along the way about our brand journey, as well as the art (and the agony) of building a business from scratch.

I’ll be crafting powerful narratives around the ideas of community building, financial prosperity, home security, and the idea that real estate is the key to “adulting”…. and true social equality. We’ll also peek behind the curtain on entrepreneurship and show you how, for-real-for-real, for even the most successful real estate agents in a thriving housing market, “the struggle is real.” Finally, you’ll see DC from the eyes of natives, exploring walkable neighborhoods and celebrating ownership stakes in the place TPHG calls home.

Thompson Premier Homes Group is Black-owned, woman-owned, and woman-run — and these ladies have big dreams, for themselves and for their clients.

It is my sincere hope that their stories inspire women everywhere to live an active and engaged life as CEO of their own household and steward of their family legacy.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Say so in the comments. You will get an engaged response. Go ahead, spark a conversation! Cheers, Rebecca

Eboneese Thompson

Eboneese Thompson, founder and principal

Eboneese is a native Washingtonian with big dreams and bold vision for creating a new kind of Real Estate team. She knew she needed strong Black women with a variety of skill sets and life/work experiences to round out her rockstar team. And so, Thompson Premier Homes Group (TPHG) was born. Eboneese loves to leverage her own personal tragedies and triumphs to create real connections with her clients. Her big picture thinking and seasoned business acumen help her to build the kind of relationships that last well beyond the real estate transaction. She’s on a mission to help safe and sustainable walkable neighborhoods for the communities she cares about get built… and she hopes to tell you all about it one day from the cover of Forbes magazine.

Alexes Haggins

Alexes Haggins, co-founder and managing partner

Alexes Haggins has something to prove. She wants every single mother, widow, and fledgeling head-of-household to know that it is never too late — or too hard — to reinvent yourself. For this native Washingtonian, reinventing herself as a real estate agent was the key to a quality of life and a freedom she once could never imagine. Now, she’s well situated to be the breadwinner in her family of five. She’s a roll-up-your-sleeves and get-it-done type, ready to dive in to assist on even the heaviest lift that can get a well-deserving person the keys to home security and on their way to building equity and feeling like the CEO of their own life.

Dawn Myles

Dawn Myles, real estate investment coach

Dawn doesn’t just talk the talk; she’s walked the walk. She is a legacy builder, along with her father and her grandfather, in homeownership and investment properties. She understands the value of nurturing intergenerational wealth and she is on target to help hundreds of families begin the kind of investing that grows over many lifetimes. Dawn brings her tenacity and her quick-thinking problem-solving to the table to make things happen for her people. After all, she has a reputation to uphold — as a woman who gets deals done and a person of integrity/honor whose word is bond.

Crystin Eman X, real estate investment coach

Crystin Eman X, real estate investment coach

Crystin wears her “youngest of the bunch” badge with honor; she knows it’s her secret weapon in becoming THE real estate agent for millennials, young people, and first-time buyers. She pairs her tenacity with an entrepreneurial spirit in ways that are inspiring….and irresistible. Crystin is continuously striving to learn, experience, and be as much as she can be, living her best life in a diverse and thriving city like Washington, DC — and she wants you to have those same, fabulous opportunities. She’s all about investing in “the real Washington,” walkable neighborhoods on the rise that will be sure to blossom when a new class of real estate agents like herself tip the scales on homeownership and help renters-become-owners, earning a voice in the future of their own communities.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. If anything you’ve read here to today compels you to conversation, use the comments. We’d love to hear from you.



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your friendly, neighborhood marketing person @TPHG

Hi. We’re Thompson Premier Homes Group, or TPHG for short, a real estate investment firm in Washington DC. Bring us in on your homeownership dreams; we got you.